First Project in my new space

Good morning, I pray everyone has enjoyed this 3 day holiday weekend, I know I have. My sister came up from TX and my cousin and her daughter came up to help me unpack and put up boxes. I am so thankful for family. Well my cousin purchased her a new suv this week and I was like we have to put something on it. She googled and found this image Blessed and I cut it how it came out So I will be cutting another one for my walls since I am truely blessed

Then yesterday my cousin was telling me about one of her co workers how she has a gallon of water on her desk with a marker pen with the ozs of water she needs to drink. So I pulled out the computer and found an svg online and purchased it for $3 because my cousin and I bought these cups last year at Walmart and we have bought been slacking on our water intake so this is a great reminder and on mine I thought it was to big so I made her's a little smaller 


As Always be blessed


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